For users

Easy, Simple, Quick. Insurance by you, for you, with you.
Your life, your data, your value – now is the time to own it


Third parties

Insurance can be easy, simple, and quick. The coverage will reflect your lifestyle, the values will come instantly, and the benefits will be automatic. Users can share their data and receive compensation in cryptocurrency: Insureum tokens.


With reliable and secure data transactions, insurers can develop bespoke insurance products that meet the needs of new consumers.

Third parties

Third party players now have a core role in insurance processes. Any types of data can be collected and analyzed for better use: making insurers understand their consumers.


Better insurance
for you

Automated, digitized, tailor-made… all realized with Insureum, with your data

Get your value,

Your data and effort – all will be monetized simply and quickly with cryptocurrency

Total security

No possibility of hacking, data leakage, or other threats – your data is fully anonymized and secure with blockchain

Your data is yours

Share or not, up to your decision – you can choose whom to share with, how much to share, and how long to share


Just use your favorite app/web services

Simply use any app on the Insureum Protocol, and boom! You have already joined the Protocol! The app/web service provider will ask you if you want to share your own data to receive some Insureum tokens in return. Just select “Yes” if you wish to join Insureum.

Purchase any insurance policy easily and quickly!

Using your data, insurers will develop tailored and digital insurance products. Anything can be possible, for example: Usage-based insurance for light-drivers, Real-time coverage adjustment for cost-sensitive users, P2P insurance for real risk-takers. Simply select, compare, and purchase any insurance policy that appeals to you.